Role of RFID in the School Attendance System

Wednesday, August 11 2021


RFID has made its roots strong in various professions including the supermarket, supply chain and even in the education sector. It simplifies the operation and that’s what impacts the supplier and the consumer. If we talk about the school management system, it plays a good role in the attendance management system. 


In the current pandemic situation, where all the schools are highly working on the online class concept, some of the activities are now dependent on technology. The major challenge in online classes is attendance tracking. Thanks to the RFID system that makes it easy. 


In this blog we will understand the significance and role of RFID in the school attendance system through its advantages.


Merits of RFID system in the attendance management system:


Fast communication:

Instead of the traditional method, the RFID can make communication fast among staff and students. In online classes like a situation where the teacher’s parent’s collaboration is important, the RFID can be a great weapon. The RFID captures all the data and is put in the student information system at the moment. The same information is passed on to the parents through the student attendance app



The RFID is also helpful in enhancing the library experience. Every book is implanted with the RFID tag to track and analyze the data. Additionally, students can search for the specific book in the library management software. It also helps in understanding the behaviour of students to the library management and works accordingly. The RFID technology helps students to land on the correct book they seek without consuming much time. 



Similarly, with the library system, the canteen operation can be automated. In the canteen, the major challenge is the payment system. With the integration of RFID, the payment is deducted automatically from the student’s information system. 


Better Discipline and Good grades:

Schools with good monitoring will have good discipline. The LIVE tracking of every activity of students will compel them to be in a discipline domain. It will also make them aware of the things related to their schools. Indirectly all this will have a great impact on their studies and grab good grades. 


School bus:

The integration of RFID technology in the school bus is another benefit to the school administration. This helps in tracking the school bus along with all the information on boarding and deboarding of kids. Additionally, with the help of the student attendance app, parents can access the real-time tracking of the information. 


Attendance system for the teaching and non-teaching staff:

Along with the tracking of student’s attendance, the same system can be extended to track the activities of teaching and non-teaching staff. It can also be used to generate reports for the same concept. The software is quite helpful to predict the behaviour of the teaching and non-teaching staff members. 


Wrapping up:

RFID system technology is quite helpful to make the work simple and effective. It brings out a good outcome for schools and other educational institutes. For now, we can expect that it will be on mass adoption in the market. Institutes are looking for robust software that could be a great partner. 



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