RFID Attendance System

Every instructor must manually manage attendance daily, but because it is a tedious and time-consuming operation, it indirectly impacts the teachers' productivity. On the other hand, teachers can use the MyDSchool RFID key attendance system to rapidly and precisely record attendance while generating reports with a single click.

Every time a student passes through a strategically placed checkpoint, their presence is noted, notifying all stakeholders – parents, management, and the School Uhf RFID reader software.RFID is introduced with students' ID cards or attached to their uniforms.

The RFID tag reader system uses physical features like fingerprint and facial recognition to track attendance daily. The RFID inventory system is safe, reliable, and extremely tough to hack. The school administration software receives real-time updates, ensuring parents and instructors are kept informed regarding attendance.

When stakeholders pass within the RFID card attendance reader's radiofrequency range, the RFID attendance system delivers wireless identification. To automatically record attendance, students or employees must wear an RFID range tag that provides personal information such as their name, ID number, class, and section. The RFID printer attendance system's receiver/reader automatically registers and saves attendance information in the ERP system. For salary and payroll management, the administrator can extract the data at any time from the active RFID tag to acquire a summary of student attendance history and maintain track of them and teacher attendance.

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UHF Attendance 

The UHF Attendance System, also known as the UHF?RFID antenna?Attendance System, is presently used for school attendance. UHF?Long-range RFID reader?technology is primarily utilised in large-scale industry management, such as supply chain management, inventory management, etc. For the first time in India, the?RFID sensor team?set it up to take attendance of students, staff, and teachers.? 

When students pass through the gate at the proposed System mountain on the school's roof, it will auto-detect their student id card. The data is immediately sent to the server by the IoT device installed in the UHF reader. Certain processing RFID microchips decode the server's information, sending SMS and App notifications to the parents. 


We want to provide you with the most advanced and branded CCTV surveillance?RFID system?is capable of combining large amounts of data to provide essential and valuable information. Users can do advanced?RFID tracker, analysis, interpretation, and management with the systems.?RFID locking system?assists in deploying swift and intelligent security system solutions by conducting thorough research based on the device's position and location.? 

As of their propensity to push efficiency and effectiveness into search capabilities, videos are the fastest growing data format today. Utilize surveillance?RFID lock system?for security with the help of our video management solutions, which have the unique ability to deliver highly accurate recorded data. 

GPS Device 

School transportation has been a contention for both school administration and parents. Due to the lack of a centralised or standard fleet at the institution,?the RFID lock system is?compelled to contract multiple transporters. A centralised GPS for?RFID stickers allows them to track?the entire fleet while it is in service. 

This platform can also inform students' parents about the transportation service's location. GPS and?RFID reader writer for?School Buses are helpful in this case. MyDSchool has established itself as a leader in RFID?reader?solutions and is one of the most popular, with a dedicated user-friendly mobile application that is simple to use. 

Online Video Platform 

Video is a vital?RFID tag?in the educational world in recent years, and it has improved the classroom environment and allowed for a small study. With the support of MyDSchool, you may use internet video streaming to reach students near and far. Create courses using on-demand video collections or hold live class sessions. 

The video CMS at MyDSchool is designed to simplify professional broadcasting for new and experienced broadcasters. Use?RFID chip's content management capabilities, including bulk uploads, batch commands, global settings, and on-demand video transcoding. 

Email and SMS 

Schools face various communication issues, from enticing new students to interact with current ones and their families. In addition, students, parents, and staff are all overworked. As a result, getting vital information in front of them can be challenging. This is where SMS/emails from the school come in handy. 

The MyDSchool RFID Manager SMS/E-mail Manager allows users to send SMS and email notifications to selected recipients, such as parents, teachers, and students.?RFID labels?allow for mass SMS sending, making it more convenient. Using bulk SMS, update parents on their child's development and remind them of upcoming meetings and reminders. 

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