School ERP system

School ERP system is a strong, time-tested educational SAP ERP with advanced modules that enable professors and educators to digitise educational institutions' regular work activities. 

The smart school cloud ERP software, also known as a school management system, streamlines complex administrative and non-administrative operations such as online admission, online fee management, examination administration, assessments, timetable, schedule planning, teaching-learning, and more. As a result, the advantages of our ERP solutions through school management system are numerous in terms of increasing production, efficiency, and return on investment. 

Safe, Easy, and Secure School ERP enterprise resource planning 

The ERP program from MyDSchool is designed to reduce administrative burdens while increasing efficiency and productivity. The ERP platform is cloud-based and includes features such as an online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, biometrics, mobile apps, email alerts, and more. Our ERP CRM software is adaptable and may be customised to meet the needs of the school. 

School Admission Software


Admission without the use of paper 

Using our fully integrated online admissions platform, you can streamline your admissions operations. MyDSchool features can be tailored to meet your admissions procedure, ensuring a smooth enrollment process for students through our cloud ERP. 

Classroom Management  

In the classroom, technology-based learning brings a plethora of seductive digital distractions. Teachers can keep kids engaged with MyDSchool. Teachers can retain classroom focus and promote collaborative learning instead of spending time monitoring student activities. 

Subject Management 

The module assists faculties in assigning classes to instructors, scheduling timetables, and creating lesson plans. It also keeps track of their attendance and lets teachers share information with one another. 

Forms for Online Applications 

Prospective students will find it simple and quick to apply to your college using our online admission forms. Keep track of where a student is in the application process and easily manage their trip through ERP application. 

Timetable Management  

MyDSchool's schedule management technology has been assisting schools and colleges of all sizes in efficiently arranging and maintaining timetables. In the event that a teacher is absent, an admin can assign a substitute teacher to the class with a single click. The automatic timetable management system promotes a paperless environment and simplifies payroll calculations for admins. 

Inventory Management 

Books, computers, projectors, and furniture, to name a few, are common school assets. To correctly allocate these assets, a sap accounting software needs maintain inventories. This function of finance ERP is also handy for keeping track of when maintenance is needed and receiving stock-out alerts. 

Scheduling Tasks 

Without numerous well-defined timetables in place, schools cannot function efficiently. However, the teachers and administration normally put in a lot of effort to create these schedules. As a result, a school open source ERP should assist them in planning study-related responsibilities as well as recreational activities. On custom or repeating school days, the programme should be able to maintain track of assigning teachers and class locations to students. 

Certificate Management  

The act of monitoring, facilitating, and executing digital certifications is provided by MyDSchool's Certificate Management (SSL certificates). It's crucial for keeping communications between a student and the server up and running, encrypted, and safe. 

Shift Management  

With our simple messaging and reminder service, you can reduce the chances of missing shifts. Assist your teachers in staying on top of even the most complex class schedules. For colleges and institutions, MyDSchool offers convenient scheduling, time management, and reporting. 

Group Management  

Groups are administrative structures that group assets together so that you may quickly discover an asset or perform operations on all assets of the same type. MyDSchool automatically produces groups of important asset kinds.  

Payment of Fees via the Internet 

Provide students and parents with the option of paying fees online at their leisure. All fees can be processed quickly and easily using our secure transaction platform of ERP SAP. 

Nurturing a Lead 


Manage your admissions pipeline, track sales activity, and gain valuable data for your admissions team. Our integrated ERP MRP makes it simple to enrol students and helps you acquire more enrolments with less effort. 

Device Management  

MyDSchool Mobile Device Manager is a complete mobile device management solution that enables your company staff to benefit from the benefits of mobility while maintaining corporate security. It allows you to manage Android, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, and rugged devices, as well as numerous operating systems such as Android, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. 

Management of Leads 

Determine which students are interested in your institute's courses. MyDSchool assists you in managing potential leads by analysing online behaviour patterns and providing you with the information you need to convert them to admissions. 

User Role Management  

End-users, such as students, teachers, and school administrators, will find a wonderful ERP's system useless if they can't figure it out. The system should not be overly complicated or cluttered. As a result, ensure sure that the manufacturing ERP softwareyou choose is simple to set up and use like ours. The more intuitive the user interface, the higher the school's operating efficiency. 


The school should not be required to purchase a new ERP enterprise resource planning every year because the current one is unable to manage the increased volume of data. This can be costly and counterproductive to the reason you purchased the programme in the first place. As a result, it would be better if you chose our ERP, which can meet your needs by providing continuous scalable upgrades. 

Department and designation management 

The functional departments of the organisation and the designations of the personnel who work in these departments are defined here as Designations and Departments. Each employee is assigned one of these titles. 


Keep in touch with prospective students using our integrated SMS and Email tools. Relationship management is simple with MyDSchool. Keep students informed about the institution's news while they are deciding for ERP for small business. 

Remote Access  

The administration system for schools with several branches in different places must be centralised and remotely accessible. Remote access through the ERP software for manufacturingalso means that teachers and students should be able to access relevant information from any internet-connected device, regardless of their location. 

Data Backup And Security 

All student and teacher data stored in school databases is kept private. Our school management system, which will hold all of this data, should have a high level of data security. Data should also be backed up on a regular basis to ensure that it is easily accessible in the event of an unauthorised breach or theft. 

School Admission Software

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