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Parents require as much information as possible about their children and school activities, which is an important factor for school administrators to consider. Teachers and schools can connect successfully with parents using MyDSchool, we provide parent-teacher apps. It is very simple to keep parents informed about their children's school activities.

With the parents' app, parents can stay up to date on everything going on at their child's school. The ability to follow your child's school bus location from anywhere and at any time is a vital feature of the MyDSchool apps for teachers to communicate with parents.

In India, MyDSchool has been the most trusted brand for school parent communication apps. The Parent App provides real-time insights and information about the student to both the school and the parents. One of the most important aspects of the school is communication with parents, which our parent communication app makes simple and secure.

With our experience and market research, we've discovered that the majority of parents are dissatisfied with the way their children's schools communicate with them. And, in this day of the digital revolution, no one has time to attend parent-teacher conferences, which are an essential component of a child's school life cycle. As a result, there is a communication gap between the child's information and the parents.

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Login for Parents 

Our apps that help teachers communicate with parents assists parents in closely monitoring their children's performance, as well as teachers in reviewing each student's academics. Because everyone has a smartphone in today's society, even if parents are busy with their schedules, they may use this app to keep up to speed on their children's information. 


Information for Students 

Student information such as admissions information, real-time reporting, daily attendance, activity monitoring, examination and mark records are all organised, resulting in a convenient handling environment for the school management system. The app's main feature is its student data management module. 


One of the most important elements of the parent classroom apps is administration. In this section, you may find information on pending and paid fees. Parents can upload and preserve student documents such birth certificates, insurance card information, and identification cards. 

Best apps for teacher parent communication are simple to apply for new identification cards. Parents can also check the status of ID cards, such as whether they have been requested, are pending, or have been distributed. We are one of the best apps for teachers to communicate with parents has the functionality that can be used to apply for a Transfer Certificate. 

School Notifications to Parents via Push Notifications 

Daily timetables, homework & assignments with due dates, test schedules, and other important information are brought to the guardian's attention for improved assistance. The MyDSchool apps for schools to communicate with parents helps you receive a slew of push notifications on things like homework, assignments, exam results, and attendance, among other things. 

 Push notifications reduce the need to open the app every time new information or an update is available. On their own, push notifications bring attention to the app. 

Payments of Fees 

Families are notified of forthcoming fees, payments, and other vital information through the MyDSchool parent app or parent portal. Fees can also be paid for parents through mobile apps. App allows fathers, mothers, and guardians to pay for things online using credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, Google Pay, and payment wallets, among other options. 

The receipt is sent to the parent portal and mobile application whether the payment is made online or offline. The fee receipt can be downloaded and printed for future reference by parents. The fee payment status in the mobile app is automatically updated after the fee is paid. 

System to Track School Buses 

Allows you to keep an eye on the school bus and get specific information on traffic issues and delays. Ensure the safety of school-aged children by using a school bus tracking software to follow their fleet in real time. You can provide immediate assistance in the event of a traffic problem. 

Batches and Courses 

Course and batch organisation is a major management responsibility that deals with course duration, schedule, and other programmes linked to school-based courses. The MyDSchool App makes it simple to use this module, which includes all aspects of course management and batch generation. 

Exam and Attendance Reports  

The exam schedule, together with relevant dates and subjects, is sent to the parent via push notification via the mobile app. A softcopy of the exam report cards is available through the parent portal and apps for parents throughout the semester's result posting. 

The app's search capability allows parents to instantly retrieve previous report cards. To guarantee that their children are present in their allocated schools, parents receive immediate attendance updates. In addition, guardians can use the school's parent app to request time off. 


Parents can view their child's overall attendance, which begins when the youngster leaves home for school. Parents can record and track their children's attendance in real time, on a daily or monthly basis. 

A graphical representation of the child's monthly attendance is also displayed as a teacher by our apps for parent communication. Under the attendance feature, you can apply for leave, create a holiday list, view an academic calendar, and receive notifications, among other things. 

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