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As an EdTech startup, your goal is to make education more accessible and eliminate the limitations of traditional classrooms. However, if you want to go beyond transforming education, you can't rely on spreadsheets and antiquated CRMs. 

Why not, after all? 

Every student that comes to your website is searching for something unique. Some people wish to improve their professional skills, while others prefer to take classes as a hobby. Your sales agents should be able to distinguish between the two to foster and sustain positive connections with students so that they return to you for additional courses. 

It will broaden your horizons; you'll need to know where your leads are coming from, credit them to the appropriate sources, keep all their information in one place, find the most exciting tips, close deals quickly, and increase income. 

You'll need MyDSchool, designed exclusively for the education industry, to make all of this happen. MyDSchool enables you to manage all of your information with a 360-degree view, gain better context about their prospects, view the complete timeline of their prospect engagement with your company, bring multiple platforms under one roof, and track your sales cycle from prospecting to closing. 

School Admission Software


Management of Leads 

One of the most useful elements of?CRM software?is the ability to construct workflows or campaigns to devise plans for managing and nurturing specific parts of your audience, from the initial inquiry to enrollment in your school. 

CRM system software?also comes with marketing automation capabilities, allowing you to use several automated communication features in your campaigns to provide personalised communication to different parts of your audience. Automated email marketing campaigns, for example, are the most widely used CRM function for admission campaigns. 


MyDSchool allows you to create custom reports to track a child's progress based on various factors such as academics, fitness/sports, communication, and more, which can help to reassure parents that your school is the right fit for their children and provide them with a great customer experience not only during the admissions process but also throughout the customer lifecycle with the?best CRM for small business. 

Customer Service 

Despite everything that has been mentioned about how fantastic a CRM is, you may encounter certain challenges. MyDSchool isn't rocket science, but you may rest assured that we're only a ping away if you have an issue. Contact us via live chat, phone, or email! Please do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Customizable Table 

A decent?CRM's programme should allow you to create custom tables and combine complex data sets, one-of-a-kind business procedures, and specialised industry practices. 

This tool can integrate tables with spreadsheet-like capabilities, allowing you to keep track of rich, specialised data. You can track more than just contacts, admissions, and other things using MyDSchool. You can design your custom field with its forms and data in an Excel-style look and feel. 

Mail-in Bulk 

A?CRM for small businesses?for your school can quickly analyse each candidate's profile and provide the most appropriate tailored messaging based on their specific needs, allowing you to communicate more effectively and efficiently. 

Easy Integration CRM for schools may easily integrate across many channels, such as social media and admission forms on your website, to capture leads from multiple platforms while bringing the data together in one place. 

Simple Reminders 

Reminders can be issued to the parents or a team member via text or email. With the capacity to send reminders, parents will enjoy extra personal attention, which will improve the customer experience at your school. 

You don't have to spend minutes every time you create a follow-up assignment with MyDSchool's CRM?marketing. Simply choose a date, and the CRM?database?will appear in your follow-ups. 


?The most basic criterion for businesses when selecting a?CRM platform?is user-friendliness. Your school employees may find it challenging to utilize the application if it lacks usability, and they may struggle with day-to-day activities, lowering productivity. 

Without a doubt, "user-friendliness" is subjective, with conditions and needs differing depending on your requirements. It's nearly rare to find a universally user-friendly system. However, MyDSchool is much more configurable than other?best CRM platforms?and can be quickly tailored to your needs with easy drag and drop. 

Automated Email 

With email automation, you may send out targeted communication in your outreach. You can easily send automated mailers to families using a?CRM to?direct them to do actions such as: 

  • Reminders for applications 

  • Information about forthcoming events, financial help, and other topics they are most interested in. 

Any Lead Can Be Seen From Every Angle 

With a?CRM tool, you can get a 360-degree perspective of your customers' touchpoints, likes, and pain areas and provide a personalised, frictionless experience. If a client submits a support ticket, it would be beneficial for your support teams to have immediate access to the customer's sales information and any previous conversations and ticket history. 

Even to close an admission, you'll need access to all of the prospect's information, the alternatives they're considering, and any previous interactions they've had across all contact points. 

School Admission Software

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