What is MyDschool?

MyDschool is education management systems software that simplifies the operation of your institute. Moreover, it is a digital platform that establishes communication between the Students and Parents and the school staff.

How to submit assignments to teachers using MyDschool App?

To enhance the learning skills for a student and to facilitate better learning and teaching experience between a student and teacher, a new feature of submission of Assignment is rolled out in this version. This is one of the top student management systems in which students can complete the assignments given by the teachers, take photographs of the completed assignments and submit them to the Teacher concerned.

What is online Attendance?

This facility helps the student to mark their attendance on the Online Learning Platform. This feature will also track the activity of the student under various sections of the App. In our student attendance app, parents can also track the present and past attendance of their respective children through this segment.

How to recover the Password or User Id?

You may either get back to your Class Teacher or School Admin to know your User Id and Password or you may also click on Forget Password under the Login Screen, fill in the required credentials and the Password will be mailed to you.

Are there any extra charges for the maintenance cost and updating feature?

No , as this is SAS module all software maintains is included in package cost.

Will I get any assistance for data migration?

Yes our support team will help for data migration.

Can MyDschool be customized for my institute?

As MyDschool is the digital platform for school we continuous do the upgrade and feature improvement . So if Any customised required we surely work for that.

Does MyDschool software support third party plugins?

Yes we do the integration with the different plugins.

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