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We are incredibly selective about the software, platform, database, and framework we pick to make for our products, and for our client systems. Our keys include domain-specific solutions, consulting, design, development, and support.

It's a miracle that schools survived in the days before student database management system, when managemen.....
Parents require as much information as possible about their children and school activities, which is an import.....
School ERP system is a strong, time-tested educational SAP ERP with advanced modules that enable professors an.....
As an EdTech startup, your goal is to make education more accessible and eliminate the limitations of traditio.....
Are you considering creating an online presence for your educational institution Are you excited to help stude.....

Online school management system

We have worked on lean methodology to understand the school process. Also, we take the view of the parents, teachers, and the principal to upgrade the platform to address their issues and provide the flexibility of working, streamline the school operation, and achieve student safety. Thus, our online school management system is highly secured and simple to integrate. Our team is continuously working on new technology changes that come into the market. This implements our platform end-user to become the best education management systems software.

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3 key functions should be in fees management software

Parents and students would spend hours waiting in line to pay the fees when we were kids. Everyone wanting to make the payment as soon as possible spent the final few days clearing the dues the most difficult, .....

How to assign homework?

When the Coronavirus epidemic struck, many teachers were forced to make a hasty decision to switch to a digital teaching platform. Even once the lockdowns are lifted and teachers return to the classroom, online.....

Increasing Parent Involvement via Mobile App

Every school requires a strong and dependable communication route, and teachers must ensure that parents know what occurs in the classroom. Today, it is more crucial than ever to close the communication gap bet.....
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