Principal wants daily teaching log of the teacher

Sunday, August 01 2021


Project Overview:

The main objective of this concept is to enable the principal in accessing the teacher’s log. This will be helpful for the principal to get insight into the details about the teacher’s activity. In any school, it is an essential duty of the Principal to focus and check the teacher’s task to keep the school classes on their right track. This concept is quite beneficial for the principals.

Clients need:

The client was required to provide a way for the principal to access the teacher’s daily log. The client wants to keep the software for the principal in handling. The core of transparency was needed by the school authorities.

Solution We Provide:

The MyDSchool team analyzes the client’s requirements deeply. Taking consideration of the requirements, the team works on the same.

Our solution was quite relevant and beneficial for the school authorities. To make the software friendly for the Principal, we have integrated the teachers log feature in the teacher’s app. Under this feature, the teacher can add the details of work done on a daily basis in terms of the report. This reflects in the principal’s app and the Principal can easily get an insight into the report.

Final Outcome:

Our solution provides the exact concept of the client’s need. The school authorities grab the right path for their needs. The feature is made for the Principals benefit and the Principal could easily access the teachers log on a daily basis. MyDschool team got positive feedback and appreciation for the work. The teacher's app is now available for many schools for their benefit.


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