How to create an engaging online learning experience for students?

Thursday, August 19 2021


The Covid 19 epidemic compels schools to choose the online class concept and convey the education to their students. There is no doubt that online classes or virtual classes are new trends in today’s educational scenario. However, this could be a challenging one for the students and the teachers. 


The core of the challenge impacts both parties of the activity. Teachers need to put extra effort to make collaboration with students and keep them engaged with the content. Students on the other hand are facing distractions. This is all besides being friendly with school ERP software.  


In keeping the above problem in mind we are going to share some of the great ways to reduce the gap between students and online classes. 


Six Great ways to create engagement for online learning


1. Make a community in the classroom:

The main reason behind the gap between students and the online class is the isolation feeling that students usually feel. In such a case, trainers need to create a community to keep children engaged. Additionally, they can also conduct an activity to keep them active and this will also create interest within them. 


2. Digital motivators use:

To keep students bound with the online classes, trainers can use badges and digital certificates. This will also keep a note to the students that their assignments and small classroom input are being observed. This will fuel classroom participation and motivate students to learn new things. 


3. Use of Digital storytelling as a teaching technique:

Believe it or not but digital stories could create a different impact on online classes. It is a powerful weapon to engage student’s auditory senses and visuals. This could work when the written word alone cannot. When it comes to online classes, the trainer could use several multimedia elements like audio, visual and music that are relevant to the particular subject. So teachers could use the digital storytelling concept. 


4. Use of the right school management system:

Without the use of robust and high-quality school management systems, you cannot engage students in the classes. Therefore, for conducting an uninterrupted and good level of online classes, school authorities must grab the right school ERP system. Before finalizing the online classes’ software, make sure it contains all the required features. 


5. Opportunities to collaborate:

Collaborative opportunities like group essays, group projects and group presentations can be used. In such cases, students do their research and then discuss the same to share their experience and learning. Google slides, breakout room discussions and surveys are some of the other collaborative tools to engage in the classroom. These types of collaboration opportunities help enhance the engagement of students with online classes. 


6. Encouraging the use of various digital tools:

Besides sharing the learning material with the students, teachers should also encourage the student to explore and use various digital tools. There are multiple avenues for learning available in online education. This keeps an excitement level for the learner and binds students to the study.  


Last word:

Conducting an online class could be challenging for the students and the teachers as well. The major focus of the teachers is to keep students engaged. All they need to do is follow different measures for the same. It seems a challenging one but it could be a fast learning one with help of the right teaching tools. If you are looking for great School ERP software then contact MyDSchool. 



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