How to Restrict Proxy attendance of student

Friday, July 30 2021


Project Overview:

The main goal of this project is to eliminate proxy attendance. This is done with the help of an application in which the teacher could easily get an insight into the daily attendance. Moreover, cross verification helps find out the actual presence of the student in the class. 


Clients need:

The basic need of the client was to reduce proxy attendance. There is also a requirement for a robust and easy accessing system. 


Solution We Provide:

The team first analyses the requirement of the client deeply. We have given the Teachers app so that teachers can see the daily attendance of class and cross verify the student’s actual presence in class. This application is easy to access and contains all the features to solve the proxy problem.  


Final outcome:

The client gives positive feedback on the work done by the MyDSchool team. He got contented with the overall solution provided by the developer.


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